Beautiful British Game Receives Industry Acclaim

JPM International's investment in Category C Al Murray's Beautiful British Game has been rewarded with approvals from several leading PubCos and, according to the company's Paul Bursnell, this is translating into a healthy order book.

"Al Murray's Beautiful British Game has performed exceptionally well on test and been welcomed by retailers who see their Category C options opening up. We're passionate about the UK market and have already commenced the development of several new games," revealed Paul.

The latest endorsement of Al Murray's Beautiful British Game has come from leading hospitality and pub operator Stonegate Pubs, owner of seven distinctive brands encompassing the entire spectrum of the pub market.

Stonegate Pubs' Head of Electronic Leisure, Dawn Vale explained: "We're absolutely delighted with Al Murray's Beautiful British Game. Stonegate Pubs is a wet-led business and we know that our customers like playing analogue machines when enjoying a pint. We're delighted, therefore that JPM is supporting this genre when it appears to have fallen out of favour with some manufacturers.

"Our customers have really taken to Al Murray's Beautiful British Game and this has been reflected in a strong cash box performance. The Al Murray The Pub Landlord brand is appealing to customers across all of our trading divisions. We will continue to support analogue products in line with our strategy and will work with our trading partners to achieve this," promised Dawn.

The Al Murray The Pub Landlord Brand has already enjoyed success in the Category B sector but clearly has the potential for a much broader appeal. Paul Bursnell explains: "In its 40 year history JPM has produced many iconic titles and was a pioneer in the development of games featuring licensed brands. So often in pubs we encounter AWPs featuring strong brands which have been ported from other entertainment sectors.

"Al Murray The Pub Landlord genuinely belongs in the pub environment and Al Murray's Beautiful British Game has been designed to be highly interactive and strong on entertainment. Players are reporting Al Murray's Beautiful British Game is not just a great game - it feels like an encounter with the man himself."

JPM International has confirmed that development on Al Murray's Beautiful British Game's sequel is well under way, in line with the company's commitment to the UK analogue market.