Bullseye is a 3 reel game played on 5 win lines on all stakes with a darts theme. It has a top game darts feature that is activated via overprinted darts symbols. There are skill elements and a progressive mechanism for feature entry with a HELD function.

There is a "Half Risk" button which allows the player to gamble half the amount won and bank the remainder, (bottom game only).

The game is designed to work in conjunction with a progressive Bonus feature top box which generates the random numbers used by each game connected to the system. A percentage of all credits staked are transferred to the Top Line Bonus. The maximum win on the system is 160,000Kc.

This is a standard reel based game played on five win lines.
Wins are awarded for three of a kind fruits. The player has the choice to select either a 2 or a 5 stake award card.

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