Cash Mania

Ca$h Mania

Ca$h Mania is a new concept offering a feature that activates an all 750/300 (depending upon the version) award card. The game also has a Multiplier.

Base Game

This is a standard reel based game played on five winlines with 2 award cards, with wins being awarded for three of a kind fruits. The player has the choice to select the award card, which varies in stake depending upon the version.

WIN/ --- Game

The "WIN/---" game is intended to allow the player to rapidly transfer credits to the MULTIWIN, and is played at the maximum base game stake.

Top Game Feature

On the reels are overprinted symbols (Money Bags) that if appear Criss Cross trigger an all 750/300 (depending upon the version) award card. This award card remains active until a win is awarded. Once a feature becomes active, it is only applicable for the stake at which it was triggered.

If the feature symbols appear on a winline before a win is achieved then 1 is added to the feature pots (up to a maximum of three). This means that if the player is in the feature and obtains a win, the 750/300 award card will remain active until all the reserve pots are used.

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