Casino 5ive Alive

Casino 5ive Alive

Casino 5ive Alive is a 3 reel game with up to 5 win lines designed for the UK market incorporating Hi/Lo cash gambles,12 Features and a "Mega Money" top feature game.

Mega Money Feature Game:

The player activates the top feature by accumulating 3 keys from the bonus numbers on the Hi/Lo. Once into the feature the player presses start to stop the spinning arrow on a cash award. The cash value is banked and the lamp on that position is extinguished. The arrow then rotates in the opposite direction and so on. In this feature all wins are accumulative. The feature ends when the player stops on an extinguished position.

Mega Money Repeat Chance:

If the player successfully extinguishes all the awards, the REPEAT panel lights and the YES/NO panels below toggle. The player presses start and if it stops on "YES" all the cash values on the wheel re-light and the feature is re-triggered.

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