Casino Crazy Open the Box

Casino Crazy Open the Box

This is a 4 reel multi stake game for the UK B4 club Market. The objective is for the player to enter the feature game, lap the 30 stage trail landing on positions that accumulate up four individual prize trails. The player can also collect the "Open The Box" feature if they fill the three stage "Open The Box" pot.

The main feature is entered by either completing the 11 stage "Casino Crazy" name-fill or by reaching a highlighted exchange point following a successful Hi/Lo gamble from a reel win. The point at which the player may exchange is indicated by flashing values on the lower award card.

The player starts at the beginning of the 30 stage lapping board. Pressing the start button spins the Hi-Lo number reel. This will advance the trail by that number of positions. On the board are positions that add to cash, feature, nudges, win spin and "Open The Box" stacks. The stacks are increased according to the number indicated on the landed board position.

As the player progresses along the feature board each move on the Hi-Lo reel is represented by a bingo ball being illuminated. When all odd numbers or all even numbers are completed this results in a bonus whereby each feature pot square is added to again for each completed odd or even bingo ball panels.

OPEN THE BOX - Awards a series of cash offers to the player. Each refused offer causes three of the cash values in the "Open The Box" artwork area to be turned off. The cash offered to the player is based on the cash values that are lit at the time the offer is made. If all offers are refused then the player is awarded the cash value revealed when the secret reel is lit.

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