China Town

China Town

China Town is a three reel game with an oriental theme, presented in the Linear cabinet using Pluto 6 technology, and is fully compatible with the JPM top box.

Base Game

This is a standard reel based game played on one win line with 1 award card, with wins being awarded for three of a kind fruits. The hold system uses the "hold and draw" principle. Holds are offered with every game until either a win is achieved or the player uses the holds. If used, they are not offered until the following game. Only 2 reels may be held at a time.

Win Bonus

Next to the plums, melons, bells and Single bars are 3 arrows. As this win is awarded, the player is awarded 1 arrow. Once all 3 are filled, on the fourth time of entry the player wins a Town Flash.

Dice Bonus (China town)

As each overprinted dice occurs on the win line, they increment into a dice pot which contains 3 x each dice number. Each dice will fill into the relevant position; the completion of any line of 3 awards the following line Chance Points. All points accumulate in the Linie Point Bank

Linie Point Bank

This is built up through various places in the base game. Once it reaches 600, the player can exchange for a shot on the MULTI LINE SPIL flash, this will award multi lines for various amounts of games. This pot can be collected at any time, even during feature events. Once the pot reaches the maximum value of 1200, the player can collect 2 flashes on the feature.

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