Crystal Clear Winner From JPM

JPM has already made an industrious start to 2013 with the launch of Double Dough Seven under its renowned Crystal brand.

Released in direct response to operator feedback regarding the increasingly challenging commercial conditions emerging from the Category C sector, Double Dough Seven will be available in the Horizon cabinet.

JPM's Paul Bursnell is enthusiastic about Double Dough Seven and prospects for the Crystal brand which is an entity designed by JPM to serve operators looking to contain investment costs: "The Crystal brand is an important component of our continued support strategy for the UK Category C sector.

"Synonymous with value for money it also represents a range which doesn't compromise on quality or earnings potential and we are proud Double Dough Seven will be premiering under the Crystal banner."

A three reel lapper style AWP game which has been configured for 25p, 50p and £1 stakes, Double Dough Seven feature entry is via overlaid symbols in view or on the win line, achieving a reel win or completing the fruit pot for a bonus start.

Features include Cash Raker, Licensed to Thrill, Code Red and Live or Die. A Cash or Bust button offers players the chance of a random cash or feature prize and there are take it or leave it style Money Galore and Super Money galore features.

A unique Win Security button offers players a one-time opportunity to save their previous board position prior to landing on a mystery square. This option allows the player to protect the Money Galore once it has been opened. Double Dough Seven employs a game to game 100% holdover feature and fully utilises technical regulations.

Paul Bursnell revealed that the market reaction to Double Dough Seven has been positive with firm commitments obtained from leading operators.

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