Crystal Sparkles Again For JPM

Ever proud of its heritage, the JPM Group has announced that it will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary with the re-launch of the iconic Crystal brand in the UK.

Crystal was once synonymous with top performing JPM games deployed into the market which formed an important part of the company's brand portfolio.

JPM's Paul Bursnell explained the thinking behind JPM's latest initiative: "We anticipate that the re- launch of the Crystal brand will be hugely significant for the UK Category C and D sectors; it represents a key element of our strategy of support for the UK market.

"Crystal will be the vehicle for release of a series of exciting new JPM games in the popular Horizon cabinet. Our re-entry into this sector of the market has been in direct response to requests from operators keen to alleviate cost pressures without sacrificing quality or revenue potential," revealed Paul.

"Over the past year or so we've secured some of the finest available games development talent and this has manifested in JPM's current successes in Category C. Games released under the Crystal banner will embody the exemplary technical standards and player appeal for which JPM is renowned- there will be no compromises" he assured.

Paul Bursnell confirmed that the market has responded rapidly to the news with the company already receiving firm commitments from leading operators eager to invest in the first Crystal products.

JPM's Crystal products for the UK will be exclusively distributed by AMG Leisure. In a joint statement AMG Leisure's Mark Sowray and Alex Auckland confirmed their enthusiasm for the Crystal re-launch. "Once again JPM has stepped up to the mark with a practical initiative designed to assist the market through support of hard-pressed operators. The Crystal brand has been exemplary in the past and early indications are that it is keenly anticipated by our clients,"

JPM has confirmed that the first Crystal games will be available from December 2012.