Dial Or No Dial Rings The Changes

Dial or no Dial

A brand new contemporary twist on the multi stake game concept has been unveiled by JPM International with the highly anticipated launch of its new Dial Or No Dial.

This exciting new release for the UK Category C £70 sector augments  the JPM reputation for features rich games, indeed, initial reaction suggests Dial Or No Dial takes player appeal to an entirely exciting new level.

The headline game focus is the game's actual dial as once in the feature, the machine generates a randomly selected code which remains unchanged throughout the game. Players then use the dial to determine the code which will open the safe and the closer the guess, the greater the value shown in the prize pot. A lucky player who guesses correctly will be awarded the £70 jackpot repeater (subject to stake).

JPM International Sales and Marketing Director Simon McCarthy explained: “Dial Or No Dial represents a completely new multi stake concept. In addition to the standard multi stake format the operator can invoke an enhanced function which increases payout percentage, based on the player's choice of stake. The large safe dial delivers great walk-up appeal and a challenge to the player. “

Dial Or No Dial incorporates a high level of skill and strategy and, of course, a degree of luck.

The basic game has three reels and is played on up to five win lines with progressive game play according to stake. Player interaction is high with gambles, holds, nudges, winspins and the unique code breaker feature. Core players are sure to appreciate the comprehensive strategies and skill which are incorporated in the game.

Simon McCarthy continued: “JPM's strategy is to deliver games which have appeal to both seasoned and recreational players. We believe that Dial Or No Dial ticks all the right boxes. The combination of a host of features and ingenious use of graphics, colour and lighting make for a very attractive package. The first production run has now been completed and shipments are well underway.”

Dial Or No Dial is offered in JPM's popular Linear cabinet with the Innovative NV11 note recycler.