Double Dough Seven

Double Dough Seven

"Double Dough 7" is a 3 reel based AWP game, designed for the UK category C market. The game has been configured with the following parameters:

The player may enter the feature game from the following: overlaid symbols in view, overlaid symbols on the win line, achieving a reel win or completing the fruit-pot for a bonus start.

Exciting features are included to reward the player such as "Cash Raker", "Licensed to Thrill", "Code Red" and "Live or Die".

A "Cash or Bust" button is available. If pressed a random cash or feature prize can be awarded or lose.

"Money Galore" or "Super Money Galore" offers a Take it or Leave it type feature using a mirrored reel.

Unique "Win Security" feature which allows the player to save their previous board positions if they lose from the Mystery. They must have pressed this prior to landing on a Mystery position. This option allows the player to protect the Money Galore (super or mega) once it has been opened.

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