Eighty One

Eight One - Max Power

Game Style: 4 Reel Multi-stake/Awards up to 81 winlines

"Eighty One Max Power" is a four reel, multi stake & award card game. It offers a standard 7 winline base game and a top game with the potential to be awarded 81 winlines via dedicated 81 symbol This symbol is also wild across all stakes. The game is designed to work in conjunction with a progressive Bonus feature top box which generates the random numbers used by each game connected to the system.

Base Game

This is a standard 4 reel base game played on seven winlines with 2 award cards, with wins being awarded for three of a kind fruits (seven and stars only) and 4 of a kind on all the remaining symbols.

Eighty One

An 81 symbol in view awards 81 winlines.

Max Power Bonus

On the reels are overprinted "Max Power" symbols. If three appear on a winline the player is awarded the value shown in the seperate Max Power Bonus display above the machine(s).

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