Epic Announcement From JPM

The eagerly anticipated Al Murray's The Only Way is Epic has been unveiled by JPM International.

This second in the series Category C release continues the tradition of being high on entertainment and the launch neatly coincides with the popular comedian's current sell-out UK tour.

JPM's Paul Bursnell is confident that Al Murray's The Only Way Is Epic will be well received by players throughout the UK: "The game's predecessor, Al Murray's Beautiful British Game enjoyed a fantastic reception by the Category C sector. Retailers responded with rapid approvals and sales through our distributor AMG Leisure have been phenomenal."

Indeed, JPM understands that there are a variety of factors contributing to its Category C success. "For JPM, Al Murray The Pub Landlord represents a significant investment in both games development and licence acquisition. This has been at a time when there are genuine fears from retailers and operators about the lack of choice in the UK Cat C analogue market.

"Contrary to an approach taken by many, JPM has lived up to its promises of support for this sector and we believe the market understands and respects this commitment and has responded positively," added Paul.

In the best JPM tradition, Al Murray's The Only Way is Epic has an abundance of features, fully incorporating the latest technical standards, and requiring skill and judgement on behalf of the player.

A three reel multi stake game with a lapper adding to features, streaks and cash, feature entry is via a reel win or by completing a row or column in the Pints matrix. This matrix may hold over on a 50/50 basis from non-winning games.

The entertaining darts feature invites players to accept or refuse a hidden cash offer generated by a spinning mini reel, the process continuing until the player accepts the offer or only one value remains on the artwork. The darts feature is also accessible to players successfully completing a trail of 12 numbered pool balls.

In true Al Murray style, players are prompted with hints and suggestions from the man himself and JPM is assured of being on to another winner.

JPM games may be played for free at: www.playjpm.com