Free Play Max Power Electra

Free Play

Free play is a concept that is a 3-reel game played on 5 win lines on all stakes with a bank theme. It offers 4 bonuses that are available across all stakes; Free-Games (Free plays), Wild Joker, Mysteries, and Full House bonuses.

There is also a "Half Risk" button on the base game only, which allows the player to gamble half the amount won and bank the remainder.

Top Line Bonus

The game is designed to work in conjunction with a progressive Bonus feature top box which generates the random numbers used by each game connected to the system. A percentage of all credits staked are transferred to the Top Line Bonus. The maximum win panel on the machine shows 50,000Kc. This may be won on all stakes.

On the reels are overprinted "Top Line" symbols. If three appear on a win line the player is awarded the value shown in the separate Top Line Bonus display above the machine(s).

Base Game

This is a standard reel-based game played on five win lines. Wins are awarded for three of a kind fruits. The player has the choice to select either a 2 or 5 stake award card. Additionally, the player may stake 10 and 10+ via the base game multiplier (BET).

Base Reel Game Gamble

Once the player has achieved a reel win, this may be either gambled or saved to CREDIT. The gamble is illustrated on the Dot Matrix display (and on weighing scales on the bottom glass (X2/0), as a toggled 50/50 "double or nothing" gamble, whereby the player presses the "Risk" button to attempt the gamble. The gamble routine terminates when either the player simply loses, or advances to a value where the next win value would exceed that of the Jackpot. At this point the win is automatically transferred to CREDIT.

Half Risk

During the gamble, the player can collect half of their winnings by pressing the Half Risk button. Half of the current win value is transferred to CREDIT allowing the player to continue gambling with the other half.

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