Horses for Courses

Horses for Courses

Horses for Courses is a product designed for the U.K. Club market with a horse racing theme. The aim is to enter the feature game, lap the 26 stage trail landing on positions that accumulate up four individual prize pots, Nudges, Features, Knockouts and Win Spins.

Adaptable Trail

Unique to the game is an adaptable trail whereby the player can eliminate the corners (which contain the mystery and game over positions) to include the inner trail which contains more advantageous positions.The player can collect any pot at any time.


These include, Up the Ante, Odds On, Red Run, Place Pot and the top feature On the Nose which awards the player a Win Series. All features become Super further up the feature ladder and award bigger prizes.

Play the Jockey

The four progressive pots are each represented by coloured caps corresponding to the colour of each pot. At the top of the machine are 4 cap icons. When the player lands on a +pot position, the corresponding cap is lit. Once all four caps have been lit the “Play the Jockey” feature is activated. This acts as an “add again” for each pot square subsequently landed on, doubling the number of pot fills.

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