JPM Brings Magic 6 to B3 Market

Outstanding success throughout the UK's Category B4 and C sectors has resulted in JPM announcing development is underway repurposing Magic 6 for the B3 market.

JPM's Paul Bursnell explained the thinking behind JPM's latest release: "Magic 6 has been a great performer for JPM and its customers; indeed it is still attracting orders. The B3 sector has very specific requirements and after a considerable investment in repurposing this particular title, we're delighted to offer Magic 6 to the sector as an analogue game in the popular Linear cabinet.

"Magic 6 has an outstanding pedigree, building on the successes of two iconic games: Red Hot 6 and Club Magic. With the addition of exciting new features to deliver an enhanced player experience; Magic 6 is true to the JPM formula of an appealing feature rich game with exciting features being offered on both the top and bottom games," revealed Paul.

Magic 6 is a multi-stake game with three analogue reels on both the base and top games. Depending on stake, the player is offered three or five win lines and a blue or higher paying red award card plus standard or higher paying Red (Mega) features. The appearance of a dedicated symbol on the top game window will allow all wins to be paid 27 ways.

In addition, the game features a Cash Pot with reserve and for high stake players, an innovative twin reel win series feature on the top game.

JPM is committed to developing analogue products to support the UK's operators where these are the market preference. JPM's best of breed team also creates stunning single game and compendium digital products for Categories B3, B4 and C.

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