JPM Launches New Website

JPM Interactive has launched a new website, where games can be enjoyed on a play for free basis.

The site will provide a fascinating insight into the world of JPMi games with a range of popular traditional titles available for players plus new and exciting content.

JPMi's Andrew Davies explains: "JPMi is a unique content provider. We have a 40 year heritage during which we've entertained players with a succession of iconic titles. The JPM formula of lo- tech AWP style games serves-up fun and entertainment for the casual player, whilst at the same time delivering depth and engagement to the core player.

"Many leading operators have discovered that our games bring an added dimension to the online player experience, broadening the player base, extending player lifetime and reducing the level of intimidation sometimes experienced by new players."

JPMi's own development team is busy repurposing an impressive back-catalogue of 300 or so classic titles, many of which will be familiar to online players who've enjoyed them in other land based environments.

This new website has been designed with ease of navigation in mind. Games are split into categories and the player may play for free, or alternatively, click through to numerous leading casinos and sportsbooks where they can enjoy the full gaming experience and play for real.

According to Andrew Davies, will showcase the very latest JPMi content: "We've just included the three very latest Max Power titles, Turbo, Criss Cross Cash and Eldorado. The Max Power games are feature rich multi stake games offering multiple win lines and an exciting new progressive jackpot feature," he revealed.

JPMi's site has clearly been designed to attract regular repeat visits. In addition to gleaning up-to-the-minute information about the latest games, visitors may take part in tournaments and promotions.

JPMi will be making full use of a variety of new media to promote the site and its games to a wide audience which, in turn will elicit crucial feedback from players. Said Andrew Davies: "Ultimately the success of a game is judged on its revenue earning capability. Game statistics are hugely important to a developer but social media also generates a good deal of semantic data.

"We anticipate developing a substantial presence on a variety of forums and will ensure that the appropriate analysis tools are in place to monitor and understand exactly what is being said so that our clients can be the ultimate beneficiaries", he promised.