JPM Premiers 'Pertinent' Pub Landlord

After enjoying two successful Category C games, Al Murray fans are in for a further treat with JPM International's release of Al Murray's The Pub Landlord. Indeed, released to co-incide with the popular comedian's sell out UK tour, timing for the new game could not be more pertinent.

JPM's strong, sustained commitment to this sector has seen an acceleration in releases under the Al Murray franchise and the company's Paul Bursnell firmly believes "the group's heavy investment in development has secured future product streams."

According to Paul: "JPM International is committed to producing high quality analogue games for the Category C sector. To date, our investment in the Al Murray The Pub Landlord franchise has been an outstanding success, not only for JPM, but for site owners and operators up and down the country.

"Players have really taken to the Al Murray game experience, appreciating the high levels of interactivity and entertainment, not to mention the banter delivered by the man himself," revealed Paul.

Al Murray's The Pub Landlord is a three reel multi-stake game with a 100% game to game holdover feature. A lapper adds to features, cash, plus standard, super, and mega streaks. Feature entry is via a reel win, completing the Fruit Pot, obtaining three badges in view or playing the Lottery game. Once in the feature, the player may Hi/Lo on the current square to re-award it.

An intriguing Win Security button offers players a one-time opportunity to save an available win level prior to landing on a mystery square. Should the player then lose the win levels those which were saved will be offered.

As with all JPM Al Murray games, players are offered hints and bonuses along the way, though there is always the chance of being barred!

Al Murray's The Pub Landlord is available in the popular Linear cabinet and is distributed by AMG Leisure.

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