JPM Salutes Al Murray with All Hail To The Ale

Fresh from celebrating the outstanding performance of its first licensed game under the Al Murray The Pub Landlord brand, JPM International has announced the release of the eagerly awaited sequel.

Al Murray's All Hail To the Ale has been developed for the UK category B4 market and exhibits the instant player appeal and cheeky humour that contributed to the success of its predecessor.

The hugely popular comedian's heckling style and irreverent humour have hit a note with British audiences and JPM's game designers have cleverly incorporated this sheer entertainment value into Al Murray's All Hail To The Ale.

Simon McCarthy, JPM's Sales and Marketing Director explains: "JPM has a long and successful history of working with licensed brands. Al Murray's Big Nite Out really captured the imagination of players".

" We felt that it was important to keep up the momentum with a strong follow-on game and Al Murray's All Hail To The Ale is just that. We're confident that the Al Murray The Pub Landlord Brand will run and run," he predicted.

All Hail To The Ale abounds with features in the best JPM tradition. Strong graphics and lighting sequences deliver great walk-up appeal. The 4 reel base game delivers total entertainment whilst players graduating from the reels and entering the 26 stage feature trail are taken on a journey where they can accumulate up four different prize trails, Nudgeweisers (Nudges), Features, Knockouts and Reel Ales (Win Spins). The player may collect any trail at any time and the game offers Cash and Reserve pots.

All Hail to the Ale is a multi-stake game with payout percentage being determined by stake and is available in both Sterling and Euro formats and housed in the popular Linear cabinet with fully switchable note recycler options.