JPMi Jackpot Strike

One of JPM Interactive's latest releases under its Max Power brand has already struck it rich for one lucky player who scooped the Eldorado jackpot while on

With a rapidly expanding online inventory, four new titles have recently premiered under Max Power, all of which bear testimony to the popularity of JPMi's gaming content and style.

Key features now synonymous with Max Power include the progressive Bonus Award, Turbo Gamble and Super Turbo Gamble. Players are also afforded the added advantages of Auto and Turbo Play for increased speed and minimal interaction, both of which may be activated or deactivated at the player's discretion.

Eldorado Max Power and Turbo Max Power are three reel multi stake games played on five win lines across all stakes, while Criss Cross Cash is a three reel multi stake game played on 27 win lines. 4th Dimension is a three reel multi stake game with a fourth feature reel. The fourth reel spins with every game and offers the chance to either increase the number of win lines, apply a multiplier or activate wild jackpot symbols. "Max Power as an overall concept offering progressive jackpots, gambles and various speeds of play is exceeding all our expectations", said JPMi's Managing Director Andrew Davies.

"These particular games have been number one in a variety of land based locations and converting them for online is only serving to increase their popularity and audience," he added.

Demonstrating the vast level of play going through Eldorado, Andrew revealed: "It's incredible that after being live only a matter of days the progressive jackpot on Eldorado should have been won. It just goes to illustrate the recognition of Max Power and fact players enjoy the general immersive experience provided by these games."

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