Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever is a three reel game with a jungle theme, presented in the Linear cabinet using Pluto 6 technology. This is a standard reel based game played on one winline with 1 award card, with wins being awarded for three of a kind fruits. The hold system uses the "hold and draw" principle. Holds are offered with every game until either a win is achieved or the player uses the holds. If used, they are not offered until the following game. Certain features offer extra winlines.

Jungle Flash Feature

When either 3 elephants or a bar combination of single/double and treble bars (in any order) appear on the winline, the Jungle flash feature is awarded. This is a scatter on one of 2 columns. Standard column (Even) or Upgraded column (4 Chancepoint) depending upon whether the player was using chance points. If the player achieves a Barcode/Elephants whilst playing Chancepoint games, the player wins a bonus from the large values in the jungle flash.

Tiger Feature

There are dedicated Tiger symbols on the reels. When three appear on the winline the tiger feature is activated. This game is active for 15 games or until the Jackpot is obtained in 20,40 or 60 games from Jackpot chance. The number of remaining games is displayed on the alpha. This game is also offered in Feature Choice. On the reels are overprinted bone symbols. These are active within the Tiger feature.

Safari feature

The player is offered 15 Safari games. There is a dedicated snake symbol on reel 3. If this appears on the winline(s), either one of the two positions on the feature ladder is awarded. For each symbol thereafter, the ladder will advance by one position. Once position 50 has been reached, the player is offered a scatter on the 5 top awards. A Jeep symbol on a winline awards an extra game. This game is also offered in Feature Choice.

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