Max Power Video

Max Power Video

Max Power Video consists of up to three dual video screened gaming terminals linked to a separate "top box". Each machine contributes to a "Max Power" bonus prize, which is displayed on the top box, and a "reserve" that is not displayed. The prize increases in value as games are played. Eventually, a player on one of the gaming terminals wins the prize when the "Max Power" symbols appear on a win line. The prize value then resets to the reserve value.

Additionally there is an optional community game that can be played. When awarded, the top box will award a multiplier to all connected games that were active at the time the community bonus game starts; those players are then awarded their current stake value multiplied by the awarded multiplier.

The "top box" consists of a set of electronics that drives a single large HD-resolution video screen. It displays the current Max Power bonus prize value, and the community game (if it is enabled). It also has the capability of displaying various animations, including user-uploaded animations if desired.

Each terminal has multiple games on it for the player to select; these can be remotely managed and upgraded as required.

Max Power Main Bonus

The master unit will control the Top Box and subsequently the percentage contributions from each terminal.

Located on each terminal's (individual game) main reels along with the fruit symbols are dedicated "Max Power" symbols (not overprints). If three (or more in some games) appear on a win line the player is awarded the value shown in the separate Max Power Bonus display above the machine(s).

The video Max Power system will cater for a wide range of settings (these will be adjustable remotely) including the setting of the main pot percentage contributions;

Power Bonus

In addition to the Max Power Bonus, a Community Bonus Mode and Single Player Bonus Mode (switchable) are also available. Above the reels of each individual game terminal are dedicated mini reels with "Power Bonus and dashes ------" symbols. If three Power Bonus symbols appear in the window the player is awarded a value that is a multiplication of their current stake for that game (x2 - x50). This may be set for either the individual player only or as a community bonus where each player receives a multiplication of their respective current stakes based on the outcome shown either on the top box (community) or on the individual terminal (Single Player Mode). The Top Box will either be configured for Single Play or Community Play modes (see images) which will affect the way the terminals display the bonuses. This may also be set remotely.

When a win is achieved from the Community Bonus, the value of the multiplier is firstly shown on the Top Box. When the multiplier stops on a value, each individual terminal then displays a sum of the outcome of the multiplier the they are playing on via their individual terminal top screens. In Single player mode the multiplier is only ever shown on the individual terminal (game) top screen. Once the multiplier has been awarded (in either mode) a gamble is then offered. The gamble routine terminates when either the player simply loses, or advances to a value, that would exceed that of the maximum win.

Further explanation of Single Player Mode vs Community Mode

When Single Player bonus mode is selected the bonus multiplier shows only on the top screen of the individual game terminal (rather than the Top Box main screen when in community mode). If another player wins a bonus game during this time period, they will also play an individual multiplier bonus round on their terminal. In this mode all terminals are independent from each other. The outcome of the bonus round is multiplied by their current stake (see diagram)

When in Community bonus mode the top box shows the bonus multiplier and all 3 terminals are offered the same bonus, multiplied by their current stake.

Once the multiplier has been displayed on the Top Box, each terminal then displays the results of the Multiplier (similar to the way the Single player mode operates). In the example below 2 players are active.

In both Community and Single player mode, after the multiplier is delivered a gamble is offered. All wins from the gamble are transferred to CREDIT. The maximum win of the whole entire system is market specific (game win plus bonus).

Wins from either the Single Player or Community bonuses may be gambled up to the maximum win and then transferred to CREDIT. Wins may not be gambled beyond the maximum limit.