New Platform Propels JPM Into 2012

After a year highlighted by strong sales growth and the development of its own entirely new gaming platform, JPM is planning an impressive presence at London's ICE Totally Gaming 2012.

Following the successful launch of Video Max Power, hailed as a 'revolution in gaming' by operators now empowered to maximise machine performance and ultimately, their returns, JPM will also be demonstrating its latest innovations in online content development via JPM Interactive (JPMi) and its proprietary Gameology platform.

Visitors to ICE will experience the latest generation of Video Max Power based on the new JPM platform utilising the Quixant QXi- 200 all in one PC based gaming controller. The resultant system delivers absolute flexibility combined with state of the art graphics and all operating on a remote or local server.

Available in single or multiple units connected throughout a location, Video Max Power will be shown at ICE in dual machine and the popular three machine format with eye-catching overhead TFT bonus display screen. A compendium of popular JPM games is pre-loaded and players can scroll through to make their selection via touch screen. Exciting new community bonus and switchable features have also been added, plus the entire system is available in multiple currencies and languages.

Encouraged by the reception and subsequent sales of Video Max Power, Sales and Marketing Director Simon McCarthy explained the current strategy saying: "We've embarked upon an intensive games development programme for Video Max Power to satisfy demand.

"The Quixant technology and shift to video have also enabled JPM to leverage its huge library of successful games with the added dimension of stunning graphics.

"Video Max Power is pushing further into Eastern Europe and we've identified new markets, including the United Kingdom, for the launch of locally configured product," he added.

Still in Europe, popular dual screen games developed under JPM's Crystal brand for the Spanish market will be on show, including top performing Casino Loco €1,000.

Looking forward to the show itself, Simon confirmed JPM's commitment to ICE and the company's opinion that the event never fails to deliver. "JPM will be occupying a prominent location right at the centre of Earls Court Two which was so successful for us last year."

While JPM has long been an iconic British brand, export sales are strong. The group's commercial model has changed considerably with recurring revenues from Max Power and JPMi, the group's online content provider, contributing to a robust and secure business.

JPMi has also gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months as considerable investment has resulted in five new games being released from JPM's classic AWP and Club back catalogue which is one of the most extensive in the industry.

Deployed in June, Casino 5ive Liner and Full house were rapidly followed by Big X, Turbo Gold and A Pot of Gold, all of which are aimed at providing operators with fresh new online content based on the highly popular traditional counterparts

Powered by JPMi's proprietary Gameology system which integrates seamlessly with all online gaming backoffice platforms, the transition of popular AWP games and classic titles recognised by players of all ages has been welcomed by operators keen to offer new and exciting content.

Complementing its successes in Europe and the online sector, JPM has not lost sight of its roots however and remains deeply committed to the UK market. Simon McCarthy explains: "ICE Totally Gaming has been selected as the curtain raiser for Video Max Power in the UK.

"As a local gaming system, Video Max Power perfectly meets the needs of categories B3 and B4, for which JPM has outstanding content," he said.

Also for the UK, JPM's latest UK Category C £70 release will be revealed along with Al Murray's All Hail To The Ale, the latest category B4 game to be released under the licensing agreement with the popular comedian. New platform, new games, new markets - JPM's ICE presentation will bear testament to an aggressive growth strategy backed by considerable financial investment and commitment from its dedicated development team. In fact, the JPM stand will be an outstanding embodiment of the show's mantra 'Totally Gaming.'