Rise n Shine

Rise n Shine

Feature Entry - Is gained by achieving three icons on the winline or four icons on the winline for a super-start. A reel win can also be exchanged for a feature once an exchange point is met.

Feature Game - The player must move around a 24 stage lapping board. Whilst moving round the player can add to the pots by landing on dedicated squares. The player can collect at any moment during the feature by pressing one of the four take buttons situated in the lapping trail.

Super Disc – Whilst moving around the trail, if the player collects 3 disc icons this will active the super disc. Once active the super disc will spin every time the player makes a move around the board. Within the super disc there are multiple pot adds, strikes, an extra step, a multi fill, a disc blitz and a Jackpot. There is also a lose disc icon which will remove one disc from the pot.

Steps - The steps are awarded from either a mystery or off the super disc. Once a step is awarded it will add into the pot and can be used at any time whilst the super disc is active. By pressing the button it will step the disc one position to the left.

Hotshots – Once collected these are shots that will shot out at the values on the right side of the machine. Within this shot pot there are cash values, winspins, nudges, the Rise ‘n’ Shine feature and the Jackpot.

Rise ‘n’ Shine – Is a four of a kind win-series that will spin in a number of reel wins and accumulate them in the bank.

Hints and Tips – The strikes on the super disc will give a shot above the current position of the pot, it will then fill the pot to the selected position. When the super disc is activated it will award an extra life, but if the super disc is de-activated then the extra life will go with it.

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