Rule Britannia, It's A Great British Game

Delivering on its promise of commitment to the UK market, JPM International has unveiled a new game for the UK Category C/£70 sector.

Flushed with successes in the Category B4 club market, JPM and Al Murray The Pub Landlord have turned their attention to the Category C sector with the release of Al Murray's Beautiful British Game.

JPM's Paul Bursnell explained: "Al Murray The Pub Landlord brand delivers high entertainment value and has been hugely popular in the Club sector; in fact the latest release has remained at the top of the charts since its launch.

"Al Murray's Beautiful British Game will take the brand to the heart of the pub business - exactly where it belongs. This new release is feature rich and makes full use of the Category C technical standards including an appealing new game to game 100% holdover feature," revealed Paul.

Al Murray's Beautiful British game is a three reel multi stake game with a lapper which awards features, cash, hints and bonuses. Feature entry is achieved via a reel win or by completing a row or column in the Barrels matrix. A full Barrels matrix will elevate the player to the Guv'nor feature in which a mini reel spins and the player is challenged to accept or reject a hidden cash value. The Guv'nor feature may also be accessed by completing red and blue (odds and even numbers) darts trails lit by the new hi/lo game to game feature.

Players are entertained by The Pub Landlord's tips and irreverent banter using their skills and judgement to go all the way to the top prize or, alternatively, to get barred!

Al Murray's Beautiful British Game is presented in JPM's popular Linear cabinet with switchable note recycler option and featuring specially extended artwork. Powerful graphics and eye-catching lighting make for great walk-up appeal.

With the 2012 Olympics around the corner and many pub-goers in patriotic mood, there is little doubt that Al Murray's Beautiful British Game will prove to rule Britannia.