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Cash Xpress

Base Reel Games

The base reel game takes 20 Euro cents from Credit and is played on 3 reels. There are 27 win lines and a fixed award card. The game pays for three-of-a-kind wins as shown by the award card on the bottom video screen. All base reel game wins are saved to a top game meter.

20/0 Base Game

The 20/0 base game takes 20cts from credit and has a 99.9% chance of winning. A win from this game will be saved to a top game meter.

Stakes Greater than 20cts

There are 6 higher stakes:

20cts+20cts / 20cts+40cts / 20cts+60cts / 20cts+80cts / 20cts+180cts / 20cts+380cts.

The first part of the stake (20cts) is taken from the Credit meter and transferred to a new Club Meter. Then the full stake for the game (20cts+XXXcts) is taken from the top game meters and any wins are returned to these meters in proportion to the amount staked subject to a maximum value of 40Euro on each meter. The game uses up to 49 top game meters. The total of the Club meters is shown in the Clubmeter display and this value is restricted to less than 200 Euro before the start of a base game. Values in excess of 200 Euros are transferred to the Win Bank. During this process meters may be partially paid out. When this happens the limit of the meter is reduced from 40Euro by the amount paid out. This limit cannot be increased again until all points in the meter have been paid, staked or the result of a new base game is transferred to that meter.


Some reel wins also award a number of Super Game Spins depending on the stake (see award cards). Also, if the total win from multiple win lines exceeds 40Euro the win will be capped to 40Euro or less and a number of Super Games will be awarded.The mechanism for supergames is to first award the initial win to the "Clubmeter" and then award a number of spins on the Super Games disk. There are cash and lose positions and a +4 extra supergames position. The number of supergames is indicated on the on screen Info Display. For each Super Game a 20cts stake is deducted from Credit and wins are transferred to a new Club meter. The maximum win from 1 Super Game is 10Euros.


Winnings collected from the "Clubmeter" are transferred to the Winbank. If the total of all Clubmeters exceed 200Euros, the excess is automatically transferred to Winbank. Money in the Winbank can then be transferred to Credit.

Collecting Credit

The minimum payout value is 1 Euro. Collected points less than that are automatically gambled from 0 to 1 Euro. The gamble odds are neutral.

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