Super Hold

Super Hold is a new 6 reel game played on 5 winlines with holds on the base game and 5 winlines with holds and mystery awards on the top game stakes.

Base Game

This is a standard reel based game played on five winlines with 2 award cards, with wins being awarded for three of a kind fruits. The player has the choice to select the award card which varies in stake depending upon the version.

Win/ --- Game

The "Win/---" game Is intended to allow the player to rapidly transfer credits to the MULTIWIN, and is played at the maximum base game stake.


Holds are awarded on the base and top game reels using the "hold and draw" principle. Holds are active in every game except when holds were used in the previous game or after a win. The best fruits will be held automatically, but the player may cancel the holds using the buttons and re-hold the reel(s) of their choice.

Mystery Awards (Top Game)

JPM rosettes criss-crossed award a mystery win between 40 and 750 or 20 and 300 depending on the version.

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