Super Wipeout

Super Wipeout

Super Wipeout is a 3 reel multi stake game with a lapper adding to features, cash, streaks and offering hints and bonuses along the way. The player must use their skill and judgement to go all the way or be Wiped out!

Feature entry is via a reel win or completing either a row or a column in the boxing glove matrix. This matrix may hold over on a 50/50 basis from non winning games.

Once in the feature, the player moves around the board and may Hi/Lo on the current square to re-award it.

Landing on a "bouncy balls" square adds to the streak matrix, there are three streaks available: Standard, Super and the all important Mega Streak!

The player reaches the Super Wipeout feature by filling the boxing glove matrix. The mini real spins and hides a value from the player. The player is made a cash offer which they can either accept or refuse. If they accept the offer, the value is revealed. If they reject it, then another offer is made, and one of the values displayed on the artwork is extinguished.

This process continues until the player accepts a cash offer or until only one value remains available on the artwork. The last illuminated cash value is then awarded to the player.

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