Video Max Power

Video Max Power Czechs Out For JPM

Unveiling the highly anticipated new video Max Power at the Czech Forbes Expo recently, the JPM Group certainly didn't fail to deliver on its promise that this latest exciting new multi-terminal game compendium would take the show by storm.

In constant search for creative growth strategies JPM regards video technology as an area which offers huge potential. Therefore, in order to seize such opportunities considerable in-house research and development was invested in migrating over the reel based Max Power concept in order to evolve the brand.

Launched with an exciting array of new and cutting edge technology, JPM believes this latest Max Power incarnation has secured the Group prime position from which to exploit opportunities posed by current market conditions.

Appearing at the show on Synot's stand, JPM's COO Carl Johnston paid tribute to the Czech Republic distributor saying it had "played an important role in video Max Power's development."

JPM's development team has built an entirely new platform utilising the Quixant QXI all-in-one PC based controller to create an operating system offering flexibility and state of the art graphics. Video Max Power is a gaming system available in local languages and currencies. Designed for versatility, it can be delivered in a variety of formats from single units to multiple units connected throughout a location. It also benefits from entirely new dual screen cabinets and bonus information is delivered by the latest eye catching TFT displays.

The exceptional earning capability of the original Max Power is driven by its unique jackpot bonus system and as well as converting the traditional Max Power Bonus to video, JPM has introduced exciting new community and switchable features.

Players may try for the main Max Power Bonus shown on the overhead display, and also the Power Bonus which appears on their individual screens. The new community element enables players to share in a jackpot whenever someone wins, this feature being tailored by operators. Players are required to place the maximum bet in order to claim part of the communal jackpot, impacting favourably on operator revenues.

The Quixant technology enables pre-loading of all games, so that when a player scrolls through the selection and makes a selection via the touch screen, their choice is delivered instantly. The embracing of video technology has afforded JPM the chance to convert popular games from its extensive library, adding a new dimension with exceptional quality graphics.

Initially released with a compendium of five games, operators will be able to expand the games library, ensuring that selections are tailored to individual locations and domestic market requirements. JPM has committed to new games releases in order to ensure that demand is satisfied.

Added Carl Johnson: "The response to video Max Power at Forbes 2011 was excellent. Synot's knowledge and experience of the Czech market is second to none and it has made a substantial commitment to video Max Power. The games were superbly presented and very well received; there was a good deal of community play actually taking place on the stand.

"Video Max Power represents a major focal shift for JPM and its importance cannot be over-estimated. In addition to exciting new games under development, successful JPM classics will also be available, creating great choice for the operator and enabling JPM to leverage its considerable games library."

Consistent with its aggressive growth and development strategy, JPM has already identified several international markets for video Max Power and further launches of locally configured product are planned.