Classic Red Alert

Classic Red Alert

Classic Red Alert is a multiple strategy game that may be played on a variety of skill levels. The game revolves around Hi/Lo gambling up three ladders: cash, features and nudges. The player can also strategically gamble by using the step numbers and seeded exchange points across the ladders. This incorporates all the elements of the classic JPM machine: skill features, hidden features, depth for the core player and ease of game play for the casual player.

Feature Entry

Above each of the three base reels are five stage entry trails that lead up to a specific ladder (reel 1 - Features, reel 2 - Cash, reel 3 - Nudges). Each reel contains super imposed numbers that fill and overspill into each specific ladder. The £70 offers enhanced cash trail/ladder entry according to stake selection:

Main Game

The player Hi Lo gambles up the relevant ladder , (a choice is offered if more than 1 trail is completed). Each successful gamble advances the player by one ladder position. Exchange points are displayed as red sirens and assist the player in climbing the three different ladders. The player is also awarded steps (1-3) when they enter the main game. These can be used at any point and step the Hi Lo reel downwards. Each time the player exchanges from one ladder to another, they are awarded a bonus step number.

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