Grupo Comatel Commit to Crystal

After Crystal recently debuted its highly anticipated new product range at FER-Interazar in Madrid, Spanish distributor Grupo Comatel has placed an initial order for the new Ladrón de Cajas Fuertes.

This commitment to the new range produced specifically for Spain by Crystal, a division of JPM Group, serves as Comatel's conviction that the manufacturer is back, and back in a big way!

Observers agree that JPM's recent management reforms have resulted in a positive metamorphosis, and one which is producing rapid results.

"This is the first order placed by Comatel with Crystal and they also now have Crystal's Max Power Mega Lineas on test " explained Crystal's Carl Johnston.

"It's great that the changes and investment in product have been so well received by our distributor" praised Johnston, who makes no secret of the fact that the company is aiming for market domination once more.

"Ladrón de Cajas Fuertes is the result of a great deal of research into the Spanish market and a close relationship with Grupo Comatel. The Spanish player is discriminating but also loyal. We appreciate the substantial commitment that Comatel has made and look forward to cooperating on future developments," he added.

With prospects looking good Johnston continued: "We are no-longer satisfied to trade on past accolades. It's the future where our focus lies now and Crystal looks set to have a huge influence on the Spanish market with its exciting new game range making such an immediate impact."

Ladrón de Cajas Fuertes is a Category B dual screen multi stake AWP on a Safecracker theme, packed with original features on both top and bottom games. The bottom game, a traditional three reel video game, reveals a hidden fourth reel to those players staking up to the maximum. A spin of the fourth reel opens up 21 possible outcomes, including 27 win lines, free spins, win multipliers and the featured Jackpot. The top game features three reels and five win lines but the real rewards for players are to be found in four animated feature games, all on a bank heist theme.