Magic 6

Magic 6

Magic 6 from JPM is a product designed for the U.K. Cat C/D, and is presented in both the Linear and Frontier cabinets. It is a 6 reel multi-stake game with innovative features and a revolutionary "Windicator ©" To take advantage of the new technological standards, whilst offering additional features and depth to enhance the players experience. It has 5 features being offered on the base game, 5 features on the top game and a dedicated symbol that which if appears in the window, will cause all wins within the window to be paid 27 ways, on the top game reels only (except for the features). There are also Red (Mega) features and a Cash pot with Reserve, and an innovative twin reel win series feature in the top game on max stake. The player is offered:

The £70 Jackpot available on the base game via a full window of red sevens may offer up to 2 hold chances (with credit breaks) for the max £210.

"Windicator" ©

Overprinted blue arrow on the base reels seed into the "Windicator" (unique to JPM) progressive. Any win clears the progressive down. This is a 100% holdover feature according to 5.14 of the Technical Standards issued by the gambling commission, and fulfils the regulations. Once the player has achieved all 6 positions and therefore the "Magic Bonus" position, a scatter will be offered on the alpha for the player to achieve one of seven potential bonus outcomes.

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