Sheerluck Holmes

Sheerluck Holmes

Feature entry is via criss - crossed feature symbols (27 ways) or three on a win line which will determine the start level or If the player achieves a barcode or reverse barcode if active. (Barcodes are not active on 25p stake). If the player achieves a reel win, this will be transferred to the CASH Meter.

On 50p stake the barcode wins cause the feature game to open with the Take/Leave feature active.

On £1 stake barcode wins cause feature entry with the MEGA Take/Leave feature active.

If the player completes the SUPER trail, this will award the player with a choice of boosted pot position levels.

The main feature game consists of the following elements:

  1. Board Game
  2. Spins Super Board Game
  3. Cash Meter - This can be awarded from the Board Game, Spins Super Board Game, Shots in both shot pots, the clue square, the bonus squares and the mystery squares.
  4. Streak Pot - The more horse shoes collected, the higher the streak!
  5. Double Take/Leave Feature - Twice the chance?
  6. Cash pot - Accumulates throughout the game, collect it when offered?
  7. Play It Again Bonus - A repeater on the Sheer luck feature. You can play it again my dear "What sum"?
  8. Win Security - When to bank it or risk?
  9. Cash or Bust Feature - Sheer luck or Sheer loss?

The shots awards are accumulated into the secondary shots board, there are many extra awards to be gained and the Take it or Leave it feature offers the player to play collect or risk progression in the mystery of the hidden prize.

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